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I have tried nudevista many different things in my life and enjoyed sex with men and women, but you 've never tried dogging until a few weeks. returning from a meeting and approved by a local parking lot. I had read here that was a good place dogging. I was already hot nudevista and if I like that kind of feeling I have to do something to get off. I decided to take a risk and entered the parking garage. I walked slowly toward the center and saw a car coming behind me. Turn signal and pulled into. The other car drove well. I turned off the lights and my watch, not knowing what to do in this situation! The other driver showed his inner nudevista light just before leaving the car and onto the beach. looking to make sure I do not see anything wrong, but a quick look at my car himself, he would have some fun left. I left very nervous not knowing whether it was perhaps about to be dangerous, closed the caronwards and in the direction he had walked. I explored around the dunes a bit before coming not only from the Lord of the car, but a man with him. Had a double lot ! smiled, looked around and went beyond the dunes. The night was cold but dry, and all seemed well run. nudevista I took a deep breath and went after them. I was a small clearing and found the two of them, the man in the car and was rubbing his pants and others greeted the two. Lord of the car was a bit bigger than me and had to rub his cock. It was great bless you, but it has been a vigorous treatment ! The other man was as big as me, and when he reached his cock he was delighted to see that it was about the same size as my (7. 5 inches ), but a little thicker, a handful of very beautiful. we moved towards each other and I undid his jeans, pulled hard to get rid of my boxer shorts. The night air was veryawaken the skin! We started to play with each others cocks and breathe a little more with each stroke. It was nudevista beautiful, with another man 's hand to feel my cock while I masturbated him. The second man then announced that she needed a cock in her mouth, and we knelt in the sand. I like mine supply to be absorbed and saw other motorists began to suck the second gentleman. He grabbed my cock and began to shake the drivers for it all worthwhile. Now is a man who had my cock in her mouth to tell me this - he was a genius! He did not take everything in their mouths, but spent much of his time, you just suck the head with her ​​tongue licking around her. Beautiful ! The driver stopped again by another man 's penis and began masturbating. I took this big cock and began to shake him feel a little more love in the size of my hand. The driver put his hand on my pants and began to finger my ass, only dRove makes me crazy! At the same time, the guy suck my dick started playing with my balls nudevista in the air over the sea. The whole experience was amazing shit. He grabbed my cock drivers as well and has a free hand to play with my nipples. breathed in my ear that I wondered if I nudevista was ready to cum as her mouth on my cock kept his magic. A speech nudevista that I wondered if I come, I wanted to be removed and lost boys mouth shocks me to the end. When he realized I was running even though his mouth wrapped around my penis again and took roll after spurt of cum in her mouth hard, and finally spits on the ground. At the same time, the other two guys blew their loads on the sand with beautiful pleasant moan. At the same time, another gentleman walked and watched with approval as the tail floating in the sea air. grabbed the tail out, and thanked the boys nudevista for a unique and entertaining, and returned to my car smilingg, I in fact had happened.
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